Mountain Flying Course

Many shy away from the spectacular opportunity to see and enjoy the mountains by airplane. This unique course covers everything you need to know to fly safely throughout high terrain and steep canyons of many western states. The techniques, tips and reminders teach you to manage the potential dangers in a confident way.

The course spans a day and half, with eight hours in the classroom and five hours of flight. Your flight time will offer you the chance to land at some of the highest airports in North America, to review obscured, inclined and one-way runways, and obstructed valley airports. You will learn mountain procedures, density altitude, mountain weather, aircraft performance, weight and balance, and survivability.

Classroom instruction and flight training C172N/160HP $180/hr
$400 for Ground School C172P/180HP $210/hr
C182RG $229/hr
Personalized individual mountain clinic Your Aircraft $400+$55/Hour